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Fospha is a real-time, micro-profiling platform that maximises conversions throughout the customer life-cycle.

The QlikView Business Discovery platform delivers true self-service BI that empowers business users by driving innovative decision-making

Ascribe Inspector
Automated text analytics software that categorizes customer content data.
Categorizes customer data including customer comments and customer content Explore comments to detect themes, concepts and sentiment simply. Ascribe Inspector™ uses text analytics (natural language processing) to automatically categorize any textual data quickly and easily. The end result is greater productivity with reduced costs. The strength of this system is its integration within the Ascribe Intelligence™ platform, a feature that offers functional flexibility while empowering your staff to perform deep-dive analysis with precision. Ascribe Inspector’s easy-to-use interface requires minimal training, so you do not have to wait to combine the speed and consistency of automation with the intuition of human expertise – in a way that is competitively priced.

Google Tools:

Analytics Training 

Research Tools:

4Q Questionnaire (iPerceptions)


The 4Q Framework is the best way to evaluate the online experience, measure customer satisfaction and quickly implement website improvements based on real visitor feedback.

4Q Survey has become one of the frameworks included in iPerceptions’ Active Research platform. All of 4Q’s functionality and features remain the same and it’s still FREE! Try it now!

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