Module Five: The Ongoing Revolution


During this module we will draw together many of the ideas covered throughout the course before engaging in some future gazing about where digital is going next.

Your main module five project will challenge you to analyse and present recommendations for change in a compelling way that engages your target audience, and you’ll find the instructions for that on the usual project tab.

You will also look at the legal and ethical issues that need to be considered in professional practice, which will form the basis of a second group submission in week three. The instructions for that activity can be found in the first pre-class activity in week three. There’s no class in week three but there is one in week four where several groups will be invited to present these submissions to the rest of the cohort, so please familiarise yourself with the timings for these activities.

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • Critically analyse current emerging trends and the implications they have for business and marketing.
  • Apply change management principles to enable organisations to benefit from current and future innovations in digital technologies.
  • Operate effectively within an overall context of customer expectations, and legal, ethical and regulatory concerns.

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