Module 5 – week 2

Lesson 2: Innovation And Change

In this lesson we are going to discuss innovation and change. We spent some time back in module two focusing on disruption and change, and innovating effectively. Much of that work is relevant here, but we will be focusing more closely on how companies need to respond to this change, given that digital impacts on all aspects of business.

We will start by looking at how current changes in technology are influencing customer expectations, before considering how these changes affect the role of the marketer. Finally, we’ll consider how and why organisations should be adaptable, in order to spot opportunities and move quickly to gain benefit from them.

By the end of this lesson you should be able to:

  1. Discuss how organisations need to respond to innovations in technology and changing consumer expectations.
  2. Assess your organisation’s level of agility, adaptability and readiness for change.
  3. Describe how the role of marketing needs to change to remain innovative in the digital age.

Complete the activities below before the live class on Thursday 28th May. This lesson should take no more than three hours to complete in total: the pre- and post-class activities should take no more than two hours to complete and the live class lasts one hour. The pre-class activities will be explored in the class.

Start with the first activity at the top. When you complete an activity, come back to this page to access the next one.

Survey: Organisational Adaptability (20 Minutes)Preview

There is a lot of management literature on organisational change and how to manage that process. The authors usually present some kind of model based around three stages (different models have different numbers of steps, but they generally boil down to these):

1. Gearing up for change

2. Making a change

3. Making the change stick

This isn’t really the best approach at the moment, given the pace and volume of change and disruption. Nowadays, it’s much more about having an organisational culture that’s open for change, values curiosity, and is constantly adapting and looking for opportunities.

Read the article by Neil Perkins on “Agile Strategy”, and then complete the survey below to see where you think your organisation is positioned in terms of readiness for change.

Thinking about your current role (or a previous role if that is more appropriate), answer each of the following questions on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 = disagree completely and 5 = agree completely.

A score of 3 would be where you are neutral on the question or it does not apply.

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