Module 5 – Week 1

Week 1

Lesson 1: Digital Trends

In this lesson we will examine some current digital trends, how these are impacting on society now and how they will continue to have an effect in 2015 and beyond. We will bring together some of the ideas and topics covered during the course so far and ask you to think about how these might be affected by the trends we identify. Right at the beginning of this course we asked you to identify the most important technology to emerge in the next five years, so some of the trends we discuss over the next few activities may be familiar. By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  1. Describe some of the current digital trends and their implications for digital marketing.
  2. Comment on changing consumer behaviour and how this interacts with technology trends.
  3. Discuss some of the longer term trends and the opportunities they represent.

Complete the activities below before the live class on Thursday 21st May. This lesson should take no more than three hours to complete in total: the pre- and post-class activities should take no more than two hours to complete and the live class lasts one hour. The pre-class activities will be explored in the class. Start with the first activity at the top. When you complete an activity, come back to this page to access the next one.   Google Analytics new features:

As they have for years, Google Analytics Certified PartnersPremium customers and developers will once again join us in the Bay Area for our annual summit this week. We are constantly working to improve our products based on feedback from our most dedicated users and this event lets us hear directly from our community. We wanted to share an overview of some of the tools and features we’ll discuss at the 2014 summit so that even if you aren’t able to attend, you can about hear what’s next.
Enhanced Ecommerce
Google Analytics Ecommerce data traditionally focused on details about the purchase – transaction details, product details, and others. But, marketers today want to understand the entire customer journey. They want more details about customer behavior when looking at products, interacting with merchandising units and on-site marketing. Today we’re announcing the beta for Enhanced Ecommerce – a complete revamp of how Google Analytics measures the Ecommerce experience.
Businesses can now gain clear insight into new important metrics about shopper behavior and conversionincluding: product detail views, ‘add to cart’ actions, internal campaign clicks, the success of internal merchandising tools, the checkout process, and purchase. Merchants will be able to understand how far along users get in the buying process and where they are dropping off. For a complete overview of new features, have a look at our Help Center.
For marketers and Ecommerce managers looking to hone their analytic skills, we are also announcing a newAnalytics Academy course titled Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions. Students will be guided through interactive examples of analyses for a fictional retail company to practice techniques they can apply to their own business. You can sign-up to be notified when this course opens on the Analytics Academy site.
Flexible and Scalable Reporting 
Today’s marketers and analysts are looking to multiple data sets to gain deeper insights. We’re working on a number of new features to make it simple for businesses to work with different types of data in Google Analytics.
  • We unveiled Unified Channel Groupings to ensure all traffic that comes to the your site are classified in-line with your unique channel definitions. This is especially valuable for attribution, so marketers can interpret and report on the consumer journey based on their unique view of acquisition channels.
  • We’ve expanded the functionality of Google Analytics Dimension Widening, now called ‘Data Import’, to enable customers to import more of their own data into Google Analytics. This could include specific product details, information about returned products, insights about your customers’ preferences, and more. Imported data can be used with almost all of the standard Google Analytics features. For a complete list of the types of data you can import please see our article in the help center (linked above).
  • For Google Analytics Premium users, we’re introducing Custom TablesThis powerful feature enables users to retrieve unsampled data using customized tables that best fit their business’ needs. Once configured, fresh data will be available daily for unsampled analysis and segmentation.
Enterprise-Class Features
Today, smart marketers are increasingly tying measurement to media execution. We’re excited to announce a seamless integration between Google Analytics Premium, DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Bid Manager. Google Analytics Premium is uniquely positioned to help today’s advertiser understand how customers, and potential customers, interact with advertising media trafficked on the DoubleClick platform. In addition to understanding impression level data, advertisers can now send remarketing lists from Google Analytics to DoubleClick Bid Manager.
We added Google Analytics Premium and DoubleClick Bid Manager integration this year in order to further optimize our strongest lead generating campaigns. 70% of our display leads come from our retargeting campaigns, and the Google Analytics Premium and DoubleClick Bid Manager integration allows us to move beyond optimizing by site and creative, to quickly personalizing creatives – optimizing using our knowledge of distinct visitor segments not just generic visits.  
-Melissa Shusterman, Strategic Engagement Director, MaassMedia
Additionally, for enterprise customers, service providers, or developers that manage many accounts we are offering 4 new APIs to help you save you time and increase productivity: the new Provisioning API to create new GA accounts (invite only), the AdWords and Filters API to manage configurations, and the Embed API to surface key reports and dashboards. We’ve also re-launched the App Gallery as the Partner Gallery, the new destination to find services by Google Analytics Certified Partners and apps by Google Analytics Technology Partners. The new gallery will rollout to all users over the coming week.
Stay tuned in the next several days for deep-dives about our various new tools and features. You can also sign-up for the whitelist of several of the features listed above here. Thank you to our partners, developers, and customers for all the great feedback over the year. We hope to continue developing and launches capabilities that matters to you most.
Posted by the Google Analytics team

Generation C

Gen C is a powerful new force in consumer culture. It’s a term we use to describe people who care deeply about creation, curation, connection, and community. It’s not an age group; it’s an attitude and mindset defined by key characteristics. 80% of millennials are made up of Gen C, YouTube’s core (though by no means only) audience.

  • Gen C is a state of mind
  • Gen C strives for expression
  • Gen C is a taste-maker
  • Gen C defines the social network
  • YouTube is Gen C’s habitat for entertainment
  • Gen C is constantly connected
  • Gen C connects on YouTube on all screens
  • Gen C values relevance and originality

Gen C eats, sleeps, and breathes the internet across devices. Literally… 91% of Gen C sleeps next to a smartphone9

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