Module 3 – Week 2

Lesson 2: Paid Search

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to relate the basic principles of search advertising to their role in the customer journey.

Complete the activities below before the live class on Thursday 5th March. This lesson should take no more than three hours to complete in total: the pre- and post-class activities should take no more than two hours to complete and the live class lasts one hour. The pre-class activities will be explored in the class.

Start with the first activity at the top. When you complete an activity, come back to this page to access the next one.

Expert Speaker: Innovating Effectively With Malcolm Bell, 3rd March, 19:00 GMT

London-based lifestyle brand Zaggora was founded by husband and wife team, Malcolm and Dessi Bell. In a year, the pair sold more than 500,000 products worldwide, wrestled with HSBC and created 90 jobs globally, all inspired by Dessi preparing for her wedding.

Malcolm talks to us about innovation, growing pains, and getting it right.

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