Module 3 Expert talk

Malcom Bell – Zaggora – Purple Cow

Video Notes:

  • Always ask WHY: Why are customer doing what they are doing
  • What do customers want
  • There is a lot you don’t know- you need to test and find stuff out…
  • Digital marketing paradigm – person massage fit (Persona message) vs product market fit
  • Search for a scalable, repeatable,  business model
  • Search for an early adopter – focus on him – find out what he wants – why is the customer “hiring” you?
  • There cant be growth without retention – get customers and keep them
  • Earlier adotper  defining everything:
  • what the features are etc
  • language used to market to them

Companies: Slack, Transferwise

  • There are things that you don’t know that you don’t know!
  • Test Test – hypothesis
  • social feedback loopharness the power of social -
  • getting people to share their experiences – give away products to
  • famous people and bloggers…
  • customers emails that say thanks
  • People with problem will suffer BETA as well as
  • People with NEED will suffer BETA as well as
  • People with WANT will suffer BETA as well
  • Who has problem? Earliest adopter- ask people. start with hypothesis – use LEAN canvas 
  • incentivise, try outs, etc
  • send personalised emails… to get feedback
  • feature audit
  • example – Burbun had picture feature and changed the product into Instagram!
  • Focus on segments – efficiency!
  • respect the curve – cross the chasm )see book tip)

Book tips

book tipsblogstalks youtube


Good online survey tool:


continue video at 48mins…

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