Module 3 Week1 Live Session

by Andrea Gordon

In tonight’s class we will…

  • Examine why the traditional marketing funnel is no longer relevant in the digital age
  • Explore how to use the different touch points across the new dynamic customer journey
  • Start to comprehend how you might deliver integration throughout your marketing strategy

3 Basic customer Journeys:

  1. Impulse
  2. Research
  3. Habitual

PatternsQSR = Quick Service Restaurants


The funnel is no longer linear




ZMOT is driven by search (exploration) – reserach

 Paid – Owned – Earned


earned-owned-paid-media-forresterLink to SmartInsights article


Dynamic Customer Journey

dynamic customer journey 1

dynamic customer journey


It is important to have an integrated marketing approach! e.g. Customers want and expect a consistent experience across all of their touchpoint with companies and products.

single customer view


which channels when

Tonights takeaways - You should now be able to…

  • Explainwhythetraditionalmarketingfunnelisnolonger relevant in the digital age
  • Explain the impact that digital has had on both the customer journey and the marketing mix
  • Appreciatehowtousedifferenttouchpointstodevelopadynamic customer journey
  • Comprehend how to develop an integrated marketing strategy


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