Module 3 – Week 4

Nathan Guerra’s You Tube Storytelling 


Digital Marketing Campaign


What is Youtube’s role in digital marketing?

1. Hero content: Big exiting stuff
2. Hygine content: regular content, cross over  of customer interesting stuff and brand relevant stuff. Brand has the right to publish this stuff… it gives a reason to talk to customers a bout things.

  • The video content needs to be device agnostic. Content needs to be consumable on all devices
  • Channel subscribers watch “twice as long”
  • Platform driven by its audience

Hauling video:

haul video is a video recording, posted to the Internet,[1][2][3]which displays items recently purchased, including product details or even the price. The posting of haul videos (or hauls) has been a growing trend, during 2007–2010.[2][4][5][6]

By late 2010, nearly a quarter of a million haul videos had been shared on the website YouTube alone.[5] Some of the individual videos have received tens of millions of views. Many young adults (mostly women)[3] have displayed their shopping hauls, while including their beauty and design commentary in the narration. The videos are often grouped by store name or by type of product (cosmetics,accessories, shoes, postage stamps, etc.).[1]Before haul videos became an online trend, millions of people[2] spent time watching other people, in technical product videos, unbox their latest new gadgets and technology. The trend of unboxing videos” had emerged during 2006.[2] In those videos, the owners would show the entire process of opening, configuring, and activating their latest high-tech gadgets.

> How about an in store Hauling video booth? 

> Goat videos – see Dorito

Youtube channels


> Note: don’t use Flash but HTML5 instead. This will allow the videos to be rendered on all screen sizes and devices

> Advertising:
Preroll: concentrate on the first 5 secs of teh ad to draw customers in.



  • Google Analytics
  • Wildfire

Youtube Trends site


Video examples:

  • YouTube TV: partners

Realtime Stories

It is not enough to create great live content you also need to tell people that it exists and where to find it,e.g. banner adds, twitter etc…

Responsive Stories


Interactive Videos

  • Embedded links in videos Juicy Couture
  • Take the wine taste - good idea to use for CG > using multi window screen to allow viewers to choose wind screen damage options…

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